On May, 2nd, 2022, our team presented AI4Trees at the Big Kick-Off Meeting at the BMK. Together with the other funded projects of the first round, we investigated important topics relevant for all projects!
AI4Trees receives funding in the frame of the “AI for Green” programme by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).
ForestSAT is a non-profit professional organization created to promote the application of spatial analysis technologies in forestry. We strive to facilitate cooperation among research organizations, universities, government agencies, and the private sector to foster a science-based understanding of how spatial analysis technologies can describe and monitor forested ecosystems. Recognized is..Read More
IMAGINE is the flagship event for digital technologies of the Austrian Ministry of Technology (BMK) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. Here the great projects and researchers that we have in Austria in the field of digital technologies are brought to the fore and the community networks with each other...Read More