“Tackling some of the greatest challenges of the Agenda for Sustainable Development – from improving health to combating climate change – will rely on harnessing all talent. That means getting more women working in these fields. Diversity in research expands the pool of talented researchers, bringing […]
AI4Trees at the Gewinn InfoDays (Messe). Companies were presented to many students looking for their future steps in life! AI4Trees was put on the map by Jasmin Lampert. The details are provided in the Gewinn page: https://www.gewinn.com/veranstaltung/das-war-der-gewinn-infoday-2023.
Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) is gaining importance in various fields, including forestry and tree-growth modelling. However, challenges such as evaluating model interpretability, lack of transparency in some XAI methods, inconsistent terminology, and bias towards specific data types hinder its integration. In their article our colleagues Anahid […]
Anita Zolles presented the AI4Trees projects at the AI for ecosystem management conference in Palencia, Spain. Roundabout 100 researchers from 5 continents where meeting and discussing AI for sustainable management of forest ecosystems.
Cool project ideas within the FFG AI for Green funding frame, with great networking and discussions! AI4Trees was likewise presented at the event.
AI4Trees project team successfully held a workshop on “Data Science for Sustainable Forestry” at the iDSC 2023 (https://idsc.at/) in Krems. Together with the audience, we explored challenges and ways on how data science and machine learning can support to make forest management more sustainable.
GeoVille organized a workshop on Earth Observation (EO) Data and Forest Disturbance Mapping. What EO can we access, what are the benefits? On spatial and temporal resolution, forest disturbance and single tree mapping.
Changing climatic circumstances have a significant impact on forests: besides higher temperatures, more intense and frequent storms and drought spells affect forest growth. To see what the future is bringing, and to be able to deal with forest conservation and management, it is necessary to answer […]
An overview of the work package 6 activities was given on this day. Focus: Active Explainable Data Quality Enhancement on Higher Frequency Data.
ENERO is the European Network of Environmental Research Organisations (https://enero.vito.be/en). Its members are Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) doing research with an environmental focus at the interface of public authorities (national and European) and industry. #AI4Trees was presented to the members at the ENERO General Assembly […]